Do you have assigned seating in your auditoriums?

No, we do not. If you buy advance tickets, we recommend that you arrive up 20 minutes early if prime seating is important to you. Arrive even earlier for the opening weekend of a blockbuster.

May I bring my own food to the Majestic?

We offer seats and tables in the lobby if you would like to enjoy a quick meal before your film. We do not allow outside food or drink into our auditoriums.

Why can’t I bring in my own refreshments? I can get them for cheaper elsewhere!

Cinemas retain very little of your ticket money. Most of your ticket money goes to the fancy, creative, hard-working people of Hollywood. Cinemas pay for their rent, expensive equipment, and payroll through concession sales. If you like having a cinema in Crested Butte, or anywhere else, please consider purchasing food and drink at the cinema.

Ok, then. I still might sneak in a wee nip of something in my ski jacket, though...heh heh.

Bringing in outside liquor compromises our liquor license. And if you compromise the Majestic Theatre liquor license, a large mob of locals with torches will escort you out of town. If we catch you, we will ask you to leave without a refund.

What are the most popular things to order at the Majestic Theatre?

Our popcorn with pure coconut oil and clarified butter is legendary. And the Brain Crushin’ White Russian with freshly pulled First Ascent espresso is what the locals are drinking.

Is there Yellow #5 in your popcorn salt? That stuff gives me a headache.


I am passionate about the environment, and your business generates a lot of trash...what can I do?

It’s true. We generate a lot of trash. We recycle all our plastic cups. We sell affordable reusable cups and popcorn tubs made from recycled plastic. And you can bring in your own cupware if you like! We love pouring our wine into your fancy, fancy goblet.

I really want the Majestic to show a movie. How do I do that?

Email or find us on Facebook. We love requests!

I want to plan an event a the Majestic. What do I do?

Email Please be aware that you will likely pay a licencing fee to show a film to the public. For that reason, we are not the best place to host a fundraiser in town.

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